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Thank you for submitting your wedding day outline, this form is designed to help us both map out your day. The form below is only meant to be a guideline, if you would like to plan your day other then suggested that is not an issue. I am here to work with you.

tips for your wedding day

  • Relax because the day will be over before you know it, don't stress the little things and just have fun

  • Leave lots of time and try not to compact your day, you want to have time to enjoy little moments with people and not have to rush away.

    • I want to be able to snipe that genuine shot with my long lens of perfect moments between you and your family members/ friends/ husband/ wife

  • If you want props, bring them (please include any props or special items for the day below) or let me know what you like (trunk, funky chair, antique car, blankets, flowers, suitcase) I will find them and bring them for you.

    • Personally I prefer not to use props and showcase mannerism and connection with each other without having something take away from that but maybe that's not the way you want to go, I want the shoot to represent your personalities and if you like props lets do it!

  • show your love!

  • Hobbies are great to include in your special day and will make it unique, please include below.

  • If you have favorite photo's you love, send them! Make a folder on Pinterest and add me if that's easier.

  • Natural light shoots best so getting ready in a room with big windows will make your photos that much better!

  • Clear the rooms/ house of clutter. Wedding shoes, jewelery, bridesmaids dresses, and suits are great in the background but no one wants to see boxes and bags.

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Bride's Name
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Groom's Name
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Date of Wedding
Date of Wedding
(Please give full address including postal code) please give a rough idea for times of hair/makeup/dressing 1.5 hours will be needed to photograph the Bride getting ready in the morning and Mackenzie prefers to shoot the bride after the groom so he can capture the bride leaving and her final preparations.
(Please give full address including postal code) To photograph the Groom getting ready in the morning Mackenzie likes to shoot the groomsmen first and only needs 45 mins to 1 hour and would like them ready for his arrival
(Please give full address including postal code)
Mackenzie likes to shoot family portraits first so your family can get back to entertaining and enjoying the day, he only needs about half hour to a hour with them depending on the size of the family. (suggested Family Members photographed between ceremony and reception grandparents, parents, siblings, and/or children of the bride and groom) Please let me know of any ideas you have for nearby location you might like or friends/family members that have nice property's close that could make your wedding pictures unique and beautiful. Wedding party pictures normally take about half hours to a hour as well.
For bride and groom pictures Mackenzie likes about a hour and works best if we can keep the amount of people to a minimum at this point. Please let me know of any ideas of styles your looking for your session and if you have any ideas or locations in mind
(Please give full address including postal code) Anything you would like to let me know about that you have planned would be great intel for capturing some perfect moments but I mainly just need to know what time we will need to be back and if the first dance will be done right away or after dinner. As far as my meal and location for me to sit at the reception I am happy as long as I have a chair.