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Engagement sessions are all photographed by Mackenzie Brett and have no limits on time or destination. Mackenzie's experience with photography all over Canada and over 10 other countries has helped acquire a wide range of knowledge in finding the perfect location for your shoot. He wants to make your session as unique as you and your partner so please share with me as much information as you can about yourselves.

Tips for your shoot

  • Outfits that are unique and showcase your personality are best! A lot of couples claim to be “laid back”. However, that does not mean your clothing selection should be boring *yawn* It is always safe to have one casual (laid back) outfit...and then one fancy outfit. Two or three total! Avoid: logo or graphic t shirts and tops, too many patterns, bulky clothing, solid colors photograph best

  • Nothing wrong with t-shirt and jeans! But maybe it is time for a new pair of jeans and shirt so you look fresh and not faded 😉

  • Timing, for sunlight the best times to shoot is early in the morning or late in the evening

  • show your love!

  • Hobbies are great for shoots

  • Take a risk, make it unique

  • If you have favorite photo's you love, send them! Make a folder on Pinterest and add me if that's easier.

  • Basic props; old trunk, funky chair, blanket, and/or suitcase/ basket can be included for free, if you want them! A lot of the time genuine mannerisms and a simple experience make for the best shoot and just looks more natural so props are not always necessary.

  • If you want to add more to the shoot please let me know and I can add a beautiful unique displays of flowers, wine, antique car, and/or appetizers at an additional cost.

  • I know many GREAT location we can use for free but a few locations require additional cost, I will advise you on price with suggestions.

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Here are some location ideas to help me suggest some places that would be right for you.