Album Submission


For your album choices Please fill out the form below, if you have any questions feel free to contact Mackenzie at any time.

  • The album is 20 pages and holds a max of 50 pictures, design looks best with 40-45 pictures

    • pages can be added if needed for an extra charge (Luxury albums have a max of 60 pictures, no more can be added)

    • you can pick as little or as many pictures you like, if you pick less I will fill in with my favorites

  • Albums are normally arranged based on timeline to tell a story

  • Proof will be sent to email provided before printing

  • 1 album (50 pictures) takes about a month to complete (if they are all the same they will ready in the same time)

Please complete the form below

Name *
Please type in your file names for the choices for the album you have selected, if you would like the album built for you just type "build it for me" in the space. (add comments next to pictures for requested editing)